10″ x 10″ Classic Baseplates with Traps and Gaps Set

trap and gap baseplates
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10″ x 10″ Classic Baseplates with Traps and Gaps Set


Trap and Gap Baseplates take your buildings to new levels! Unlike traditional building bricks and baseplates, Trap and Gap baseplates have trap doors, gaps, and ramps that allow your child to create their own unique storyline. Whether they want to give the bad guy a quick escape route or create a parking garage for a shopping mall, children can build and imagine with endless possibilities. Proud winner of several awards including, Tillywig Parent’s Favorite Product, Mom’s Choice, and PAL.

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  • CLASSIC SIZE, GUARANTEED TIGHT FIT: Strictly Briks® classic building bricks play nice with other toys and are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with all major brands. Our classic size products are a guaranteed tight fit with any standard size building bricks, no matter what existing brand of building bricks or construction brick sets your child already owns. Help your child build a city and become a creator without spending a fortune
  • NEW SPIN ON A CLASSIC IDEA: This unique baseplate by Strictly Briks takes the classic Strictly Briks stackable baseplate design that you know and love and adds to it with the addition of trap doors and ramps that open up tons of creative possibilities! From castle towers to parking garages to homes, you can go from level to level with action figures, cars, and all sorts of toys
  • AFFORDABLE, TOP QUALITY: All Strictly Briks® products are built to premium standards, and are a guaranteed tight fit with all major building block sets. These baseplates make it convenient and easy to move your builds to wherever you want to showcase them. They will not easily break or bend, and will keep your family imagining for years to come
  • •INCLUDED IN THE SET: This 10″ x 10″ baseplate set includes 2 10” x 10” stackable baseplates in gray and green, 2 10″ x 10″ baseplates with traps and gaps in blue and gray, as well as 15 Stackers.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Building and imagining never gets old – a single purchase will bring years of fun! All pieces are backed by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence and enjoy the hundreds of unique Strictly Briks® building sets you won’t find anywhere else
  • Trap and Gap Baseplates take your buildings to new levels! Use the traps to drop the floor out from under the bad guys or as ramps for cars in a car garage. With traps and gaps the possibilities are endless! Our Trap and Gap Baseplates are the proud recipient of the 2018 Tillywig award!  Click the award below to check it out!


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